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Philip Ligus
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Fax: 973-785-4857
E-mail: pligus@lfschools.org
Ms. Emma DeFeo
Secretary to the Principal
Phone: 973-256-1033 (x1100)
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E-mail: edefeo@lfschools.org
Annette Walters
Director of Special Services
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E-mail: awalters@lfschools.org
Debbie Sauter
Secretary to the Director of Special Services
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Fax: 973-785-4857
E-mail: dsauter@lfschools.org

What's Happening at Little Falls School No. 1

Dear Parents:

Welcome to our Open House/Back-To-School Night.

Our staff hopes that you gain valuable insight into your child’s grade level academic programs and courses of study.

School No. 1 provides a middle school educational program for children in grades five through eight. The focus of the school’s program is centered in the developmental characteristics of emergent adolescent learners. From an organizational standpoint, School No. 1 utilizes team teaching, block scheduling and interdisciplinary instruction. In an effort to individualize instruction teachers apply brain-based strategies when addressing the varied learning styles of each child. Standard areas of study for all children include reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, health and physical education, music, art, world languages and technology education. Individual student needs are addressed in a number of ways, including a diversified program for gifted and talented children and the implementation of an inclusion program for those with special needs. In addition, students benefit from participation in a vast array of extra-curricular programs ranging from student council and peer tutoring to instrumental/choral music and drama activities. The school continues to enhance its technology opportunities for children in both the regular classroom and computer lab settings.

School No. 1’s operational philosophy emphasizes personalized education in which school is modeled on a family where caring adults guide and instruct young people. Students pride themselves on being quality citizens and validate a service ethic by regularly demonstrating genuine loyalty to their school and community. The effort to develop quality school citizens is supported by a pro-active Character Education Initiative and a child-centered Guidance Department and Department of Pupil Services. Parent involvement in school life is enthusiastically encouraged and realized. The PTA is extremely supportive and provides children with many diverse extra-curricular activities as well as a community resource bank that is designed to enrich classroom activities. Parents and educators take pride in their mutual positive relationships.

Everyone involved in the School No. 1 educational community is committed to maintaining the important flexibility needed to meet the on-going and ever-changing needs of the school’s student population.

Again thank you for being with us this evening.

The Staff of School No. 1


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7 Day Calendar


7:45 AM
Chorus Rehearsal

7:30 PM
BOE Meeting
School #3

Wednesday, 10/22/2014

3:10 PM
Tech Crew Meeting

Thursday, 10/23/2014

7:45 AM
5th & 6th Grade Chorus

3:10 PM
Newspaper Club Meeting

Friday, 10/24/2014

7:30 PM
Halloween Dance
Grades 7&8